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Own this dynamic business in a fast growing market.

Former Kickboxer and martial arts fitness expert Steve Doss knew he had a better way for people to get the fitness results they were after.

So to do make it the way he knew was best,, Steve opened a new gym in Austin, TX and named it Impact MMA Fitness. It became “the laboratory” and proving ground for his theories about fitness and business.

To start, he didn’t open this gym to be like most every other with weights, machines, treadmills, boxing bags, etc..  He designed Impact to showcase the unique and exclusive workouts that he knew would change the way many people would see fitness.  His members were surprised and delighted in how well they worked!

Then what happened?  ImpactStrong became a huge success! His members spread the word to everyone they knew around town.

And what did they tell their friends?

  • 3 times per week and you get great results
  • Everyone likes the atmosphere
  • These classes were for real!
  • 30 minute workouts – Better results – and in less time

“I knew I had a better and different approach to helping people get the results that most are after by joining the local gym, or running around the neighborhood for. Most everyone wants to burn body fat, lose some weight and still build muscle mass, you know – just feel good with less stress, to look good in their swimsuit! This is how you do it” – Steve Doss

Impact MMA Fitness then became the gym that people switched their gym membership to.

The success of Impact MMA Fitness can be duplicated in most neighborhoods and virtually any city.

Impact MMA Fitness Franchise is by design affordable and within reach of the many who want to own their own fitness business.

Call a franchise manager at (512) 671-0012 to discuss



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